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Kristin Puls, LICSW

Do you struggle with feeling overwhelmed by the demands of life? Do you find yourself swept up in emotions such as anger, disappointment or anxiety? Are you feeling stuck in a relationship, a job or an old pattern of behavior? If any of these questions resonate for you, I may be able to help.

My name is Kristin Puls and I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker.  I have experience working with adolescents and adults ranging in age from 18 - 65. Utilizing compassion, respect and some humor we can work together to identify your goals, develop skills and challenge outdated thoughts and beliefs. I utilize a holistic, non-judgemental, strengths-based approach to support people in managing issues related to depression, anxiety, substance abuse, anger management, challenging relationships, and developing self-esteem and identity.

Wooden Bench

Coming to therapy often requires courage.

I invite you to honor the strength, resilience and hope that brings you to this step.


My Experience

I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) who enjoys working with adults across the lifespan. I graduated from the University of Denver in 2015, with a Masters of Social Work, clinical concentration. My experience includes working in juvenile justice, residential programs and outpatient therapy. Email is the best way to contact me.

Massachusetts license #121594

Colorado license #CSW.09929228


(508) 217-6850

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