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Therapy Services

Individual therapy offered for individuals ages 15-60

Occasionally it can be helpful to have a family member or significant other join a session. Should this be the case, the session will still be focused on the client's needs and overall health of the relationship.

Common Treatment Areas

- Stress, feeling on-edge, restless, unfulfilled or insecure

- Mental Health Management (i.e. Anxiety, Depression, ADHD)

- Substance Use Issues

- Managing recovery

- Anger Management

- Communication Skill Development

- Relationship Challenges

- Navigating Life Transitions

- Highly Sensitive Individuals

My Approach

Engaging in therapy is a collaborative process in which you and I will work together to identify what is working for you and what you would like to develop. Your time with me will be an opportunity for you to focus on yourself, process your experiences and emotions and explore your identity and goals. 

My particular passion includes somatic- and mindfulness-based interventions that encourage empowerment and healing.  My approach to therapy is based on a collection of theories and modalities including:


- Somatic

- Family Systems

- Strengths-Based

- Psychodynamic

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