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What can I expect from my first appointment?

Many people feel nervous before their first appointment, wondering what the therapist might ask, or what they should tell their therapist. Your first appointment will be approximately 55 minutes long during which I will primarily want to hear what brings you into therapy. To better understand you, I will also need to gather some general background information and will want to know how things are going in the important parts of your life (relationships, work, school, etc.).

We will address any concerns or questions you have regarding therapy and if we both agree that we are a good fit, we will start identifying your goals.

Can I expect to feel better right away?

Some people begin to feel better as soon as they make their appointment or at the time of their first session. There can be a sense of relief when you make the commitment to prioritize yourself and your growth. More often, however, people do not feel better immediately. Therapy is sometimes emotionally painful, because it involves an active effort to look at yourself and your life situations in a deep and honest way. You may need to process painful experiences from your past or examine uncomfortable emotions. If the problems that bring you to therapy were easy to solve, you would have solved them without the guidance of a professional. Though the short-term distress of addressing problems and making changes typically feels challenging, keep in mind that the potential long-term gains can feel well worth it. When therapy is successful, the positive gains in self-esteem, improved relationships and coping skills will far outweigh the distress of making changes.

How often will we need to meet?

Therapy is most powerful when it is conducted weekly.  This is verified by numerous studies and my professional experience as a therapist. Occasionally it is appropriate to meet more or less often, depending on your needs. We can discuss this as your needs change.

What about medication?

I UI am not a prescriber. During our work together if I think that medication might be helpful, I will suggest a referral to a psychiatric medication prescriber for a consultation.  This will not be done without discussion and consent from you.

Where are you located?

My office is located in the Fox Meadow Executive Suites near the intersection of Route 20 and West Main Street in Northborough. When using GPS, be sure you type in WEST Main Street.

There is ample parking in front of the building.

My office is on the second floor and there is a waiting area on both the ground floor and second floor.  It is also easy to wait in your car until your appointment time if you prefer.

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